Birthday #31

Here are the highlights:

Holly bought me a new beer brewing kit, which included a few things I already had, but wanted more of, things I didn’t have and really wanted, and a box of ingredients to use them all. It’s beer making time.

Leif helped me to open my present and make sure that it was all accounted for and of good beer making quality. What a sweet boy.

For my actual birthday, Holly made me a beautiful breakfast of waffles topped with haupia ice cream , whipped cream and home made caramel sauce. It was oh so delightful. I snarfed it all fast like so that the whipped cream  and ice cream didn’t melt. Yum yum.

After breakfast, I opened up three little packages that were wrapped all pretty, sitting on the breakfast table, and waiting patiently for me. Oh how my family knows me. Gavin picked me up two Degoba bars from the general store so I could get my chocolate fix; one hazelnut, one chai. The other two packages contained my first ever brew maker apparel. Two shirts. One is brown and reads “Zymurgist”, the other is black and reads “Homebrewer” in the style of Metallica. How awesome is that? See?

For my birthday dinner, I simply wanted hamburgers. Delicious, fat, juicy, slathered with blue cheese, tomato, basil, ketchup and mustard hamburgers. That is simply what we had. That and some home brewed mango beer.

For desert, we had a beautifully baked creamy thick cheesecake, baked by my beloved. It made the house smell oh so good.

Turning 31 didn’t seem to be much different than turning 30. I suppose one good difference is that I’m in a better place now. No, really! We finally got the key to our new house. We finally get to move out away from annoying neighbors, unavailable washing machines, and the musical parking lot. Oh, life will be so much more peaceful. Yes indeed.

Sing with me…

Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday dear Michael.
Happy birthday to me.

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