Dead Whale Getaway

It was a beautiful weekend on the island of Sodor. Wait. Crap. Too much Thomas.

We had a sort of a getaway weekend a few weeks ago. Some friends of ours invited us to stay at the “Hana Accomodations” (where they work) to hang out and have a little getaway. It was very nice. The kids all slept in one room, and Holly, Leif and myself had our own room, equipped with a mini fridge, sink, bathroom with a beautiful shower, a deck and an outdoor bathtub. I didn’t get much use out of the tub, but Leif had a good little romp in it.

That night:

  • BBQed and ate addictive costco veggie straws. Man those are addicting.
  • Admired the home-made puffer fish lamp
  • Had a bit of good local live music from the party next door
  • Kids all ran through sprinklers and rode bikes
  • Watched an episode of Weeds
  • Chased Leif as he ran circles around the property- Around the house, through the back room, through the kitchen, out the back door, and back around the house to do it again
  • Showered in the awesome shower
  • Relaxed on a very comfy, very long couch and talked story while watching a Wanda Sykes stand-up special

The following day:

  • Ate cake for breakfast
  • Watched the kids all play with neighbors and run around
  • Chased Leif as he ran more circles around the property
  • Helped clean up
  • Took a walk to a cove containing a dead whale

We heard about this whale and had to go see for ourselves. It was a nice walk past Venus Pools and along the coast line. The sun was out and it was a cool breezy day. Perfect for frolicking along the coast to see a dead whale.

After getting back, we packed up our things and prepared to head back to the real world. It was a lovely little getaway. One that some people fly halfway across the world to have. Thank you Shelly and Aaron for the nice weekend.

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