Blown Tire

We spent the day in town today shopping and eating and having a good time. We wrapped things up around 6pm with a Subway dinner and headed home.

After about an hour of driving a warning light came on and announced that the rear passenger tire was low. Unusual since our car is so new. But 24 psi is not horrible. That is, of course, unless the 24 psi continues to 20, 18, 15, 10, 0. Crap! Flat tire. In the rain. In the dark. In the middle of no where.

While changing the tire, I realized that our spare tire is not a full tire, and that the space for the spare tire, therefore, won’t fit the flat tire. So I had to store the flat tire in the trunk with all of our groceries. Good thing we now have a large trunk.

So what did we run over? There was a small piece of metal poking out of the tire. Not cool.

This morning, I yanked said metal out of the tire. This is the whole of what we ran over.

I mean come on! Who blows a tire on a key? That’s like cutting your finger with a spoon. I mean really.

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