Boy how the time here is flying. It is already Thu…

Boy how the time here is flying. It is already Thursday night. My mom will be driving me to the airport on Saturday morning. Monday was nice. I went to dinner with my boss’s from KarateDepot. I sat around the office from 3 to 6 pm chatting and catching up with things and people. That was cool. They handed me a new (free) KD back pack, a wacom table and a Blackbelt magazine with my ad in it. Cool. At 6 pm they drove me down to the city to go to a Kosher restaraunt. It was really good. I had a $10 salad, a $32 steak and a $10 slice of chocolate cake. That was just me. But it was good. I like the city.

Tuesday was a relaxing day. Didn’t do much. Got some laundry done. Went to go see Lorenz’s family who ended up not being home. Tuesday night I went to Mahwah Bar & Grill for pasta night with my dad, grandmother, Sue, Shane, Kammy, cousin Jeff and wife Brandy. Fun night. Lots of laughs. I ate a Creamy Pesto pasta with baby carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken and basil. MMmmm MMmmm.

Wednesday I tried to visit Lorenz’s family again and they still weren’t home. So I went to Bagel Train and picked up a Sausage Egg and Cheese Bagel and a few bakery items because there was a $10 minimum if you pay with your debit card. Then I went to Shoprite to visit Lorenz’s mom. She was so shocked to see me. Excited of course. It was so nice to see her. Hopefully I will get to see the rest of them. Wednesday night I took Kammy up to my moms house and had a nice dinner and relaxed.

I slept the night at my moms house Wednesday night and enjoyed a nice pandcake breakfast with my mom, Kammy and Johnathan. We spent the morning going over tons of pictures of Gavin, Holly and Rob and Stacy’s wedding. Then Kammy and I went into the garage so that I could draw Mickey and Minnie on a large piece of plywood so that my mom can paint and cut them out and post them in her yard for Christmas. Anywho, it was a nice night and morning there. It certainly made my mom happy.

So today is Thursday and I got home from my moms at around 4pm. It has been raining non-stop since my brothers wedding and there is flooding all over the damn place. So I went into my dads basement to see how much of my crap got wet. I was suprised to see that not much had been soaked. I cleaned up a bit and put stuff back nicely. Now I’m about to eat lovely pasta and sauce that my sister cooked up. Afterwards I think I will head down again to try to see Lorenz’s parents house again. They should be all home now.

In the morning I head back to the city to see Lorenz and Shawn. Cool beans.