Sunday’s activities.

I got to speak with Holly and Gavin briefly yesterday. Holly had to be to work at 11 am. I told her previously that I would call her at around 9/9:30 in the morning (her time). As it turned out, I ended up driving down to the city to see Jeannie yesterday. I didn’t get to call Holly until 10:30 am (her time). Her mom picked up the phone and imediately ran out to the car to get Holly. She had just turned the key to start the car. But she ran in and picked up the phone to talk to me. It was so nice to hear her voice. I do miss her. We chatted for only 5 or so minutes because she had to get to work. *sigh* I should have called earlier. I have been keeping up on her blog entries. For some reason, reading her blog entries seems so dramatic. It makes me worry. With the Xanax and the driving and what not. It kind of scares me. But I know she is fine. Good strong-willed person.

Jeannie, her boyfriend and I walked down to a local Irish restaraunt/bar down the street from her house. I ate a fairly good Sheperd’s Pie and a Guiness. We enjoyed a great evening of sitting and chatting and catching up on each others lives. It was nice. When we were done the waitress brought us the bill and asked us if we would like a complimentary drink on the house. We had no idea why she asked this, but who can turn down a free Guiness? Not me. So we sat a little longer and chatted before leaving and walking across the street where I picked up some good UK chocolate. Flake bar anyone? (Don’t worry Holly. I have some to bring home for you)

So today is KarateDepot day. I am going to visit my boss’s in a few hours. We’ll probably end up going out for dinner and chatting all night. It will be good to see them again.

Until next time….