Busy Weekend

Wow, this is going to be a busy weekend. Friday: I have to get up at like 9 am after working ’til 3 am and drive to Waimanalo to help load a truck with a bunch of our RSCDS inventory. Then we are going to drive across the island to Kapiolani park near Waikiki and set up the tents and tables and what not. After this is al set up I have to drive back across the island to go to work at Koolau where I will work until about 1 am. Saturday: Up around 9 am again and driving back across the island to Kapiolani park where I will spend the entire day setting up more tents and tables, selling shortbread and haggis, dancing scottish country and Highland dancing, and purchasing hose. Now that the festival is over for today, I will be going to a Ceilidh put on by the Caledonian Society. They were very kind and gave me two free tickets to the event for being the president of RSCDS. This should be a very pleasant evening with live music and entertainment, food, and of course, the good drink, SCOTCH. After having my tastes of scotch I will be able to head home for a good nights sleep. Sunday: Waking up around 9 am again to drive back across the island to Kapiolani park where I will continue to sell shortbread and haggis, dance scottish country and Highland dancing. Only at the end of this day we have to undo anything that we did on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Sigh. The festival is over. But it was a good Weekend. Oh, wait, it hasn’t happened yet. But I’m sure it will be. Once everything is broke down it is likely that the bunch of us dancers will go out for dinner to celebrate a successful weekend. Ahh. It is always so satisfying to accomplish these events. Now I can go home and get a good nights rest knowing that I can sleep in a little on Monday. That is unless Leo calls me yet again to open the theatre for him because he just woke up or is stuck in traffic. Sigh. Will it ever end?