The Story of “Naked Mike”

For a long time we our band had no name. This is something we were not really worried about, but was always parked in the back of our minds. Not too long after I moved to Hawaii, I got involved in a Sunday drawing group. Every Sunday there is a drawing group that gets together and, having paid a figure model to sit around naked, draw naked people all day long. Eventually (another story) I started doing figure modeling for this group and eventually the University of Hawaii, which included surrounding community colleges. Of course, everyone at the theatre knew about this. It came up in conversation one day while fellow employee “Edited Out” was with us and he got a funny look on his face. Come to find out that his sister was in one of the figure drawing classes I modeled for and he has many drawings of me naked in his house. Since then “Edited Out” has been considered the “Naked Mike Fanclub”. We always joke about it and quite frankly it is funny. He always talks about how he has these pictures that his sister drew of me. A little bit creepy. Not too long ago our bassist, Nate, had his birthday party at Dave & Busters. That night I drove home Gabe (our drummer) and Anita (our #1 fan). After just having discussed our next party and how we need to come up with a name for t-shirts and what not, “Edited Out” came up in conversation along with the “Naked Mike Fan Club”. Of course that is when we paused and Anita said, “That’s it! That is the name of the band. ‘Naked Mike'” We all had a good laugh about it and then realized that it was a good name. The next day we threw the idea to Nate and he immediately jumped on the name. And thus the name of our band…”Naked Mike”