Catch Up

Ok. So I’ve dropped off the radar for a bit. It’s just been a busy 9 months. So here is a catch up post.

Burns night was really fun. Lots of scotch, haggis, dancing, bagpipes, kilts, dresses, accents, friends and family, and scotch. Oh, and haggis.

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We finally got around to getting rid of the Equinox. We traded it in for a very plain, perfectly ordinary, Kia Optima.



Still going to therapy and enjoying the contemplation time (and view) at Gordon Biersch afterwards.



Leif, Gavin, and I, went camping with some friends up at the Malaekahana campgrounds near Laie. We pitched our tent, ate ribs, burgers, hot dogs, played frisbee, went swimming (made it to a small bird sanctuary island and had our own private beach to play on), made a giant campfire, played guitar and made s’mores. It was an awesome weekend with the kids.

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Somewhere in all this mess, I gave blood, Leif swam with snakes, Gavin and I did homework together, and Gavin finally finished building his ATR robot that he received for Christmas.

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Holly and I got married. We were really classy. We eloped at the Hawaii Civil Marriage building behind the First Circuit court. Leif watched from a bench, Holly 8 months pregnant, me in my Gordon Beirsch shirt. It was perfect. Afterwards, we celebrated by eating a fancy dinner of Cajun Pasta and Apple Bread Pudding, with a side of Root Beer and Märzen. At Gordon Biersch of course. After all, that is where we ate after getting our divorce. Why not again after we re-marry? Oh. I forgot to mention. We did this on Valentine’s day to add to the clicheness. And yes, I did buy her a rose.

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Work has been good. I have lots to keep me busy. I get to play with computers all day.



RSCDS held there annual Aloha Weekend Workshop. Mary and I pulled off the Saturday and Sunday breakfast and brunches. It went pretty smooth and I even got to dance a few dances.



We’re getting into the last week of big belly-ness. Any day now, we’ll be spending a night in the hospital. The boys are excited. Holly is ready. We don’t know who this baby is yet, but we’re all super excited, curious, and ready to meet her. Any day now.

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Beer. What would any post be without beer? I’ve bottled a few beers, but not as many as I had hoped. Among those I bottled is a Bourbon Scotch ale, Blueberry Sweet Stout, and a New England Cider (not pictured) that I brewed up for the celebration of a certain babies birth.

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