Christmas Time

Christmas Eve. It was a full house. The cousins came over for a beautiful dinner. The roast beast was 13 pounds of pure deliciousness. The cousins were evil and the uncle more so. The glasses were always full of whatever suited our fancies. The kids played hard with fits of excitement as they discussed how Santa gets in and out of our houses without chimneys. That’s when Gavin discovered we were visited by elves, who left pajamas under all our pillows. How do they do that? The cousins were jealous.

Pajamas left by the elves make Holly look like a peach

Leif hangs stockings with care. No fire required.

After the relatives left, the kids seemed to get more wound up. We found a gingerbread man (made and decorated the previous day), a small glass of cherry wine, note cards, and a pencil, which we arranged neatly for Santa with two little notes from the kids.


Christmas Day arrived. The advent calendars are empty and their pictures complete. It was 4 am when Gavin opened his eyes. It was an hour later he woke us all up announcing that Santa had come. He ran downstairs to find the stockings all overflowing with candies, fruits, and gifts. Leif was a little slow starting, but it didn’t take long for the adrenalin to kick in and activate the Christmas morning energy pack.


Five cuckoos of the clock later, the house was torn to shreds and littered with new toys for all.


This has been a crazy year for us, but we pulled through and got to spend Christmas holiday together in a happy fashion.