Does a magnet stick to a liquor bottle?

It is a good day. I woke up and met the day. I hopped in the shower knowing that when I got out, Holly, Mary, and Gaving would be gone, off to do some shopping around town. I ate a nice little bowl of cereal and followed that with a nice cushy chair and a computer screen to get some work done. I put in a good two hours or so. The family was not home yet. I called my fellow band member and made plans to go play. By noon, the family still was not home. I left for Gabe’s house and put in a good 2 1/2 hours of playing. It was so nice to play with him again. We ate some chicken and drank some beer. Ahh, good times. When I arrived home at 3 ‘ clock, Chris and Beth were there. Holly was being crafty and cutting out little scraps of pretty designs, textures and shiny things to create some nice Christmas cards. Gavin and Chris were playing cars and choo choo and fire truck, and Mary and Beth were on the couch drinking a glass of wine. The atmosphere was quite cheery. The holidays are here. Holy offered me a nice cup of hot chocolate flavored with a touch of gingerbread creamer. Oh so good. That hour flew by and before I knew it, I was late for work. Oh well.

Ever since Wednesday night, I have not been able to think straight for too long. My mind has been filled with images and hints of things to come. I probably should have my magnet on the top of the fridge somewhere near the cereal. Maybe in the liquor cabinet. At any rate, the anticipation levels are rediculously high.