Someone’s in for a treat!

I must say, it’s been a good past couple of days. Everything seems to be right on track. Last night was dance night and Mary decided that she would stay home with Gavin and sort of give Holly and I a date night. Holly and I headed off for dancing in a frisky mood. We stopped at the mall on the way out to pick up some Christmas gifts that Holly wanted for her mom. Then we stopped at Hot Topic and Macy’s. Checked stuff out. It was really nice. All the while we were flirting and being silly and all that good stuff. I enjoyed it. We also picked up a small slice of fudge. Mmmmm. Then we decided that we dilly dallied long enough and headed back out to dancing. I must say that it was a little hard to concentrate on dancing. Holly commented quite a few times on how good I looked in my jeans and form-fitting “You’ll Love my Weiner” shirt. And I couldn’t help but to notice her nice leggs and sexy hair as she danced around the set. Over all, a good night out. Then when we got home, it was a good night in. After all, Holly did have to try on her new outfit to make sure it fit for Christmas.

OMFG! Someone’s in for a treat!