Easter weekend

The weekend was mostly a good one. We arrived late on Thursday night and all was well. The boys were perfect travel companions. Leif traveled without a peep. Gavin was sleepy, but handled the late trip very well. 

Friday was a relatively quite day. We spent half the day out shopping, getting things such as easter dinner supplies, beer ingredients and a few miscellaneous items, after which we ate some dinner, bought some ice cream and headed home for a little relaxation.

Saturday was quite a day. Mary and I headed back out on the town to pick up some things that we failed to get the previous day. It involved a trip to Sam’s Club, the Apple store, Wal Mart, Ross, and back to Sam’s Club. A quick trip that was didn’t actually get us back home for 5 or 6 hours. So when we got home, we finished the cleaning up that Holly had been working on all the time we were out. Then it was time for easter egg dying. Gavin had a blast. We colored and marked and dyed over a dozen eggs. They came out great. But then I had to leave. 🙁 I was drafted to go to a dance practice for one of the dancers who is preparing for a teaching exam. I didn’t know how long it was supposed to take. It started at 5:30. I told Holly I would call when I left to let her know I was on my way  home. As anyone might have guessed, this all went wrong. The practice did not end around 8 or 9 like we thought. It ended closer to 10:30 pm. And stupid me did not call Holly to let her know it was going late. We had 12 dances to review. Then to make things worse, I thought maybe Holly and Mary would take care of easter going-ons and go to bed. So when I ended up chatting with M in the parking lot for 2 hours, Holly was up with her mom waiting for me worrying and contemplating whether or not she’d rather me dead or in the arms of a lover. And on top of it, I had some basket makings and held the location of the secret holiday stash. So they couldn’t even take care of easter goin-ons. Gavin woke up and saw baskets on the living room table half filled. 

When I left M’s house, the cell phone reception picked back up and the phone immediately rang. It was Mary wondering where I was and when I was coming home. I told her I was on my way. Before hanging up, she told me that Holly was upset and I should be prepared. When I arrived at home at approximately 12:30 in the morning, Mary met me at the door. Holly was upstairs in bed with Gavin. She was not asleep. When I walked into the bedroom, I knelt down on the bed knowing she was upset. The severity of her feelings was explained in a very quick, not expected slap to my cheek. “WTF” I exclaimed. Not the short version either. She told me to just leave her, and with a long pause and some hesitation I did. I grabbed the stash of candy and went downstairs to finish up the easter going-ons. Holly came down moments later to talk about the evening. Feeling more composed, she explained to me all the things that went and were going through her mind. I felt so incredibly horrible for doing this to her. For not calling when I knew it was going to go long. For not calling after it had gone long. For not leaving directly after it ended. For disappearing for hours without her not being able to contact me in any way, shape, or form. She didn’t need that. And I shouldn’t be so stupid. After apologizing as best I could and reassuring her that I was where I said I was and did what I said I did , things were a little better between us. We finished the basket and managed to laugh a bit and went to bed.

Easter morning arrived and Gavin found a basket full of candy and gifts and eggs buried under some blankets by the table. Leif found his basket as well. Or rather it was given to him to gnaw on. I searched high and low after Gavin decided I should find my own basket. We all enjoyed being able to eat basket loads of chocolate. So yum. I hugged Holly and apologized to her again followed by expressing my love for her. The rest of the day went very smooth. There were guests, cheese, lamb, pie, cake, artichokes, candy, wine and candy. Hmmm. It was very much a good evening. I didn’t even mind doing dished at the end.

To top off the weekend, Leif decided that Gavin’s toys were worth crawling for. And on easter sunday no less. What an awesome child.

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