Could it be Spring?

This pas weekend was beautiful. On Saturday we reluctantly drove up to Kahului to do our shopping for the next few weeks. We really didn’t want to go. We were tired and lazy and wanting to rest. But if we didn’t go Saturday, we’d have to go Sunday. And if we went Sunday, then it would only feel like a one day weekend. And that is no fun. So we dragged ourselves up to spend a few hundred bucks in Kahului. Bah. It was a good trip though.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Full of warmth and sunshine. The kind of day that makes you restless if you stay indoors. So we did some tidying around the house. Holly and I in the living room and Gavin in his room. It didn’t take all that long. After vacuuming up mounds of cat hair and scooping up mounds of cat poops, Holly spent some time trimming Gavin’s hair. Our neighbor from downstairs came up to see if I had a Beatles album he could borrow. I didn’t. I don’t keep albums anymore. But I did burn him a Beatles cd from my computer. He was crazy excited. So far I’ve given him 3 cd’s of music and many bottles of home brewed beer. What a good neighbor I am. 🙂 

So after all was said and done in the house, we hiked up our swimming trunks, collected towels and slathered up our bodies in preparation for a trip to the beach. Leif’s first beach adventure. He discovered the wonderful attributes of sand. Like how gritty it is in your mouth. Yum. I walked him into the ocean a bit and he wasn’t sure what to think of the crashing waves. When he got tired of that, Holly took him up to play on the towel for a bit while Gavin and I did some splashing and wave crashing. Fun had by all. 

On our way out, a north shore visitor gave Gavin a bowl of ice cream. “We bought too much”, she said. Leif thought it was too cold, but Gavin had no complaints. Ahh, the advantages to having handsome and cute little boys. We finished the day with some baths, a delicious meat dinner, a few cocktail drinks (for the grown ups), putting the kids to bed, and spending some quality alone time together. Just another one of those perfect days. They are getting to be much more frequent.