Poor Sookie

Sookie went into heat last week for the first time. She seemed very uncomfortable. As soon as we realized she was in heat, which didn’t take long, we kept her locked up inside. Moura was a bit mad at us for keeping the door closed, but she’s managed. We found out that there is a vet right here in Hana that will do the surgery for us. As it turns out, he also happened to have an opening this past Tuesday. So in Sookie went. She happily crawled in her cage not knowing where she was going. I dropped her of at 9:30 am on Tuesday. She spent the night at the vet. When I picked her up on Wednesday, the vet gave me antibiotics for her as well as some flea medicine. He brought her out in her little carrier and she looked so sad. She was curled up in the back of the carrier. 

When I got her home, I let her out of her cage and she meandered around a bit looking for a place to lay down and hide. We pet her and soothed her and tried to comfort her as best we could. She spent a lot of time curled up on a towel that was laying on the floor. 

Today she is looking a tiny bit better, but still very sore. I hadn’t seen her most of the morning and decided to look for her and make sure she was ok. I found her in a cupboard sleeping behind 15 cans of corn and beans. She woke up and came out to see what was up. She ate a little. I gave her one of her antibiotics while she was eating. Now she is back into some other hiding spot resting up and trying to recover. Poor Sookie.