Easter is in two days. It will be interesting. As of now the plan is to go have a picnic at a local park. Hopefully it will not rain on Sunday. Tomorrow, we will be getting up early (9:00 am) to dye Easter eggs. Holly has to go to work tomorrow at around noon and I must leave for work at 4:30 pm. So if we do not dye the eggs in the morning, then we will not get to do it together as a family and that would be a bummer. I look forward to the picnic on Sunday. We will have food and some balls for Gavin to play with. Holly’s aunt Beth and her son Chris (and I think Her husband Reed) will be joining us for the picnic. It is a bummer to have to spend Easter with them, but then again that is why we are having a picnic and not a dinner at our house. Anyway, Gavin will be able to run around and throw his ball. I asked Nate if he and Chelsea would like to come. We will see. Tomorrow I am going to call Gabe and see if they are able to come. Not likely. Either way, I think I will bring my guitar and play some tunes while watching Gavin run around. It ought to be nice. I hope it doesn’t rain. It has been rainy all day today and is supposed to rain a bit tomorrow.