Playing with myself

I think I want out of the manager business. I would really like to go back to being a captain and running the projection booth. I could go for that. Then I could put in more karatedepot hours and I wouldn’t lose money. The problem is insurance. I need the health insurance. My problem with writing in this blog is that my mind tries to cover too many things. I can’t focus on one thing. It goes from being with Holly to playing music to dancing to Holly to Gavin to moving to quitting work to music school to a new house blah blah blah. I don’t know where to stop or what to elaborate on. Then when I do I re-read it and it sounds stupid or to annoying to have other people read. I don’t know. I think this is my third attempt at writing something in here. So I want to have our band play for the public. I want to get a gig at Gordon Biersch (a restaurant/brewery in Honolulu). Gabe and Nate don’t think we are ready, but I think with the right song selection we are. Even if it is not Gordon Biersch, I want to play somewhere for someone. I think it is natural progression. Before when I used to sit in my bedroom and play guitar I used to want to play with other people. Now I play with other people and I want to play for people. What will I want when we are playing for people? Tomorrow is Monday. I think maybe I will try to get to work early and see about going somewhere with Holly. Like the beach or something. I got a phone call from Stacy today (Rob’s fiance). They have started the vigorous planning of their wedding. They told me what the actual dates for the wedding are. The first and obvious thing she asked me is if me or Holly were planning on going to the wedding. I told her that Holly and Gavin would not be going because Holly will be right at the end of her last semester of school and could not afford to miss classes. But then she asked me if I would play guitar at their wedding. Naturally I told her that if that is what they wanted then certainly I would. Which is fine with me. The rest of my band won’t be there though, so I guess I’ll be playing with myself. Do you have enough to read yet? Would you like me to write shorter blogs? Do you want more pictures? Does a long blog deter you from reading it? Please let me know. I would hate to think that because my blog was long, that you or anyone else won’t read it. By the way. We have finally come up with a name for our band. Dum da da dummmm……”Naked Mike”