Where is Mike?

You ever wonder why I haven’t posted a blog in 2 1/2 months? My last post was on Dec 9th. The reason I haven’t posted is because I was abducted by aliens from Shag Island, Canada. That’s right. They live in Shag Island, Canada because they thought they could study the sexual tendancies of humans. Why they abducted me, I still don’t know. Anyway, I’m back now. I have to say, I just have not been in the mood to post. Oh well. So here I am months later. I have worked uber hours, had a root canal, spent billions, ate tons, played lots of guitar, gave lots of hugs and kisses and slept quite a bit. That about sums it up. There have been a few momentus occasions I suppose. (not in chronological order) 1. Holly and Mary are getting their book published! They are awaiting a copy of the contract in the mail to look over. 2. Burns Night. This went well. I didn’t mess up the dancing. Yay. We drank great scotch. Yay. I got to be the Haggis bearer. 3. Gavin’s 2nd Birthday. It was a wonderful day. We ate cake and opened presents. Well, Gavin did most of that, but we helped. He very much enjoyed his cake. He loves whip cream. Yum. 4. Christmas was great. We had a wonderful fake tree up which Gavin loved to help decorate. He really got into the presents and how to open them and what not. Although on his birthday we learned that you have to give him the less interesting presents first, otherwise he will not want to open anymore presents. But it was good. I got off from work on Christmas morning and Christmas Eve. I still Don’t know how I pulled that off. 5. New Years Eve was really fun. Our “band” threw a New Years Eve party at Gabe’s house. We played music through the night, set off tons of fireworks and drank some guiness and champagne. Although I felt bad because Gavin couldn’t take the fireworks. He was balling his eyes out, so Holly and Mary took him home early and spent New Years Eve at home. I believe Holly was in bed before Midnight. That was our band debut. I’d say there were 20-25 people there. And I don’t recall anyone slandering our music so that was good. By the way, we still don’t have a name for our band. 6. The Opera. It is opera season here in Hawaii. There are 3 operas in a season. Holly went to two of them and I went to see one. Naturally Mary went to all three with her dad (with either Holly or I tagging along). Holly went to see “The Flying Dutchmen” and “Turandot”, while I went to go see “Susannah”. I think Holly got to see the better of the operas. It was nice though. When Holly went, I stayed home with Gavin and got to do things like go to the park, go to the mall, play with trane sets, eat at Koolau Drive In, etc. Gavin us just a wonderful litte boy, and I love to spend time with him. Apparently at the first opera, Holly ordered a Mai Tai for the intermission. She thinks this was a mistake. After losing 40 somd odd pounds and not eating much that day, the Mai Tai seemed to have got her drunk for the second act of the opera. But she said she enjoyed it none – the – less. 7. Nate’s birthday. Nate is the bass player in our band. His birthday was just recently (Feb 26th). His girlfriend threw him a “surprise” birthday party at D&B’s. We arrived at like 7:15pm (the earliest person arrived at 6:15) for dinner. I think we were seated at 8:15pm and didn’t get served our dinner til like 9:00. It was a good night though. We ordered the little surprise birthday thing for Nate even though he warned us that if we did, he would quit the band. Ha. He can’t do that. His mom just bought him a $300 acoustic bass for christmas. So we sang Happy Birthday to him. Then we all went upstairs to play video games. I only spent $10 on games. That is hard to do at D&B’s. 8. Aloha Winter Weekend. This was a week of stress and worry. I was in charge of the Sunday night Ceilidh acticity. I had to order the food and make sure a room was booked and set up the room with chairs and tables and what not. I was very lucky though, because I had lots of help from other people. Mary helped out quite a bit as did Melissa. The weekend was great. Holly and I went to the Friday night social at a Sushi restaraunt and enjoyed yummy food. Then we went across the street to dance. I spent the night only dancing with Holly, despite the fact that this was a dance SOCIAL. I don’t ever get to dance with Holly, so I took the rare opportunity of us both being at a dance activity. Saturday morning was instructional classes which I really enjoyed. I like the dances that he was teaching and I appreciated the fact that he really showed us the correct & precise way to do some of the figures that were taught wrong to me. Saturday night was the Ball. That was pretty enjoyable. Holly, Gavin, Mary and I all went. Gavin was upset to be going because he had just suffered a horrible tragedy of dumping 7 or 8 gallons of lemonade all over our living room. Holly was still not feeling well from being sick, so she was not thrilled about going. Mary was making Holly go and freaking out over everything like she does, and I was trying to deal with it all. But after a little while of being there and talking with people and eating, and Gavin breast fed, then things seemed to be ok. The night was fun. We danced and ate chicken and ice cream and talked the night away in our most formal of formal wear. Then of course comes Sunday. Sunday morning was more instructional classes until noon. That night was the Ceilidh. I was worried about this night, because I didn’t know if I ordered enough food. How should we arrange the room? Where should we place the food? What will be my Ceilidh act? Should I have planned some form of entertainment? Blah blah blah. But of course all went perfectly well. There were fewer people than we expected, but that did not stop us from having a wonderful night of food and entertainment (and scotch which was not supposed to be there because we rented a room from a college. Shhh, don’t tell anyone). I’ll leave it at that. There are a few other things like my root canal, and the suspicious meeting with the big bosses. If you really want to know about them, I’ll post more about them. Hopefully it won’t be another 2 1/2 months before my next post. But you never know.