Outlet number 1

This whole blog thing is good. It is an easy way to keep in touch and have an outlet at the same time. Although I tend not to use it as an outlet too much. I should. When it comes to writing my blog, I usually think about nothing but seeing my friends again. Then I end up writing about what happened in the past week or two. It has never been easy for me to express my feelings about anything. Not to anyone. Writing has been my outlet for a long time. Sometimes I will spill everything on to a piece of paper, read it over, then shred it. Lately I have not been writing much of anything. I don’t know why. I pick up the pencil and paper, then suddenly I feel like it’s a chore. So I stare at it for a bit and put it down. Then there is my blog. It is a chance for me to be able to write things down and share with my friends what is happening in my life and how I feel about it. This is not what is happening. In a way I am scared to do that. Scared of what, I don’t know. Even now I feel like deleting this all and writing something else. It is so easy with a computer do delete it all. Then no one will ever see this. But here it is. My blog. I will try to post more and be a little more personal than “things are good today. Work is long, blah blah blah”. I love and miss you all.