Leif has had a cold for well over a week now. He woke up this morning at 4 am crying and whaling. He started having one of those barking coughs. He also showed signs of a blocked airway. He was struggling to breath. And then gasping and letting out a nasty cough followed by lots of crying. Then repeat. This was how our morning was. Holly took off today. We took Leif to the doctor at 8. They checked him out. Made sure his oxygen levels were good, looked in his ears, weighed him, measured him, took his temperature, and listened to his heart and lungs. Then they told us he looked fine. We were told that it was probably just a cold or possibly crup. Either way, we can’t treat it. So we just have to wait it out. That’s a bummer. I’m exhausted. I didn’t really do any work today. We have been trying to relax. Hopefully we’ll be able to recuperate this weekend and rid ourselves of this stupidly annoying bug. Maybe with all this rest I’m getting, I’ll be able to finish this darn cardigan wrap. Or maybe I’ll just sleep.