Father’s Day

Oh what a wonderful day. I woke up around 8am or so. I had scheduled an RSCDS meeting for 8:30 am. I whizzed through this as fast as I could, which was 2 hours. Bah. Oh well. At 11:15 or so we headed over to Haleiwa Joes to meet Mary’s boyfriend for brunch. They wanted to take me out for father’s day. Pictures below. We (I) gorged ourselves in prime rib, potato salad, omelets, haupia, sausage, eggs benedict, cupcakes, and orange juice. Holly refrained from most of this and snarfed large portions of shrimp. When we were done eating, Ron reached into his pocket and pulled out what us scotts know as a flask. Mmmmm. He poured some scotch into our empty glasses and offered a toast to the father (that’s me). It was very good scotch. Yum yum. Afterwards, we headed down into the surrounding gardens for a stroll and to just mess around.

I have to say, I can’t complain. Would you complain about being surrounded by all that luscious greenery?

After all this excitement, we went home to lounge for a few hours. I had 3 presents given to me by Mary, Holly and Gavin. The first was a delicious box of Honolulu Chocolate Factory chocolate truffles. The second was a bottle of “Pucker” and the third was a brand new Metallica t-shirt, which you can see me wearing in the following pictures.

At about 4:30 or so we decided to venture out on our next mission. Go to Gordon Biersch. Oh yeah. Holly and I went and left Mary and Gavin behind. They were too tired to venture out. When we arrived at the Aloha Tower Marketplace we did some dreaming as we walked through a beautiful store that was going out of business and had 50% off sale signs on everything. Such beautiful furniture. From there we walked around in and out of silly stores glancing at cheap jewelry. When we were let down, we headed to Gordon Biersch and got a nice little table just at the edge next to the waterfront. We decided against getting entrees and I just ordered a plate of chicken wings and some beer. We basically spent the whole time talking and reminiscing and what not. After 4 beers and the plate of chicken wings, I ordered an Apple Bread Pudding to go. We had a wonderful time. I had a great father’s day. For anyone who has not been to Gordon Biersch or Haleiwa Joes, you must come visit us so we can take you there.