Feeling, what feeling?

I feel a little sad today. I’m not quite sure why. I feel a little detached from myself. The day has been ok so I don’t know why I would feel like this. Holly and Mary had their first book signing today at Borders. Then we went home and Gavin slept until about 3:45pm while I lay on the couch and watched an episode of Carnivale. Mary sat with me for a bit and we split a beer. The she went up to her room to rest. Holly took a short rest when we got home and then came down to join me shortly before Mary went up. Then Holly made dinner. Then we all ate dinner. After dinner, I hopped in the kitchen to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen. After dishes were done and the kitchen was clean I went up to change for work. At this point Gavin woke up. I guess Holly and her mom decided to go out somewhere because Holly dressed Gavin. That is about the time I left for work. Now, here I am typing this and feeling sad. I don’t even know if sad is the word. No, it’s not. What is the word? Blah? Not myself? Down? Unusual? Not exactly sure what it is, but it is not normal for me. Not a feeling I’m used to.