Phew, it’s over! I never want to do that again.

What a crazy week this has been. Sort of a self discovery week sort of thing. It has been wierd. Funny how you can always learn new things about yourself you never thought you could learn. Holly has been stressed. This is her last week of this summer class in which she was to prepare a 30 min presentation and a 15 page paper for a teacher that sucks ( i think I played it down a little with the work “suck”). On another note, I took sort of a dive over the weekend and did some heavy personal venting to my co-worker/friend, otherwise known as “Leggy Redhead”. It felt really good. On one hand it was really strange teller her all these different things about me, but on the other hand I think we could end up being good friends. Open mic night was great again. I met Dave. We got together before this previous Open mic night to practice some stuff together and then played some stuff together at open mic night and for having only practiced that once (and some not at all), it sounded really good. Next week I think we are going to try an acoustic version of “Enter Sandman”. And since VJ’s is BYOB, we are going to bring some B. Last time I brought Holly some Kahlua drinks (referred to in Holly’s blog) since I knew her class was going to be stressful. She appreciated them very much. Holly and her mom have thier first book signing this weekend. Should be cool. Holly has the weekend off from class and work with 4th of July being on Monday. So that is cool. We can spend some time together. I so look forward to that. I am going to reformat my web page. It has bothered me for a while that it was formatted to fit only 1024×768 screens and not 800×600 screens. I think I might stick with the same style, but format it differently. I don’t know. I have a lot to update. “Do you ever feel like you are not who you think you are?”