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I have started a account and apparently this is cool. This is kind of a test thing, but if all goes right, you will be reading this and it will have worked. I have emailed this post from my email. Which is cool. Ok. So my post. (it didn’t work by the way. But here is my post anyway.)

Saturday was an interesting day. Holly and I had an interesting day. We did a great amount of bonding. It started with me being shlumpy about past/recent events that were unpleasant. To try to overcome this, Holly and Gavin and I hopped into the car to go to the mall. At first it didn’t seem to help. Holly and I got into a hard discussion on said events. By the time we got to the mall we had both said things that hurt and at the same time seemed to help us both understand things a little better from each others points of view. We went in feeling upset. This faded fairly quickly. We understand each other. I love how are “fights” are not fights and that they are constructive and do not include swearing and yelling. Anyway. We went into the mall with the intent of buying Holly a new dress for some upcoming events. And surprisingly we found one quickly. She tried on a few different dresses and outfits and finally came out of the dressing room saying, “This one is beautiful”. So she purchased it. Then we went for some food and headed home. The next half of the day was spent at “Burns Night”. A wonderful event we go to every year and dance and dress up and eat haggis and drink scotch. Mmmm.

It was a good evening. And somehow Holly and I got back on to the conversation about those past/recent events. And all I can say is “small detail”. Things are much better. We had a good dinner. Although my scotch kept disappearing. Every time I would charge my glass for a toast, it would disappear before I had a chance to toast. As it turns out Holly was drinking them. Needless to say she had more than she thought (and I think more than I know of), and discovered that no matter what happens, I will always be there for her. Even if it is to hold her hair back. I love that woman.