Trouble focusing

I have been unable to focus on things lately. I have had many things on my mind. A week from today is my last day of work at the theatre. They have been pressuring me to continue work with them. I have quite a few deadlines for my other job now. Mary has started her classes and what not. Holly works from 7 – 4 on weekdays. We have not seen each other a whole lot these past 2 weeks or so. Hence have not been all that intimate. I’m hoping that once the theatre is over, things will be a bit better. I have also been thinking a lot about an event that happened earlier this month. Can’t help it. It all is adding up and making it hard to focus. Our car battery died the other day and we thought it was an alternator problem. Fortunately it was only the battery. Last night things kind of got to me a bit and instead of thoroughly enjoying dance class, I got very shlumpy. Holly tried to cheer me up by buying me a bag of health food store cheese doodles. I ate the whole bag. What really made me happier though, was making eyes at my wife during class and watching Gavin play around the room. I really love those 2 people.