Gavin’s First Soccer Game

With the absence of Tai Kwan Do, Gavin has started playing soccer. There are a lot of his friends that play with him and he has been enjoying it. Unfortunately, he missed the first game because he was in NY. Then he missed his second game because he was feeling sick and the game was on the other side of the island. This last week was the third game and Gavin was excited to finally get to play. It was a good game and the kids all had a great time. Here is a recap of the game from Gavin’s point of view.

Ok. There’s the ball. Chasing the ball. Must get ball.

 Ooh. There’s the ball again. I’m getting closer.

Yes! I reached it. Crap! I got tripped.

Oh well. It was a good run. What shall I do now?

I know practice…

…my air-bending. Sweet.


Yes, the game was still going on, but this was the last few minutes of the game. And being down 3 – 1 and the ball being at the other end of the field, he’s just doing what I did when I played little league when I was his age. Well, I didn’t have air-bending, but I did have dandelions.

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