Things Are Changing

This has been a long month. Things are going to be very different. Holly and I are splitting up. We gave it a shot after we divorced and things were really good for a while. Unfortunately, it looks like I still have things I need to work out, and Holly ends up suffering from it. So I’m moving out. I still dont have a job and I havent been able to find a place to rent here. There’s just nothing available right now. So it looks like I’m going to be heading back to Oahu, where it will be easier for me to find a job. Holly’s mom is kind enough to let me stay with her. I hate the thought if being away from Gavin and Leif. That is going to be hard to deal with. Definitely not something I want, but with everything going on, it seems the best path to take. So there you have it. Things are changing.

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