Trick or Treat

What a successful Halloween. Gavin was earless Spock, Leif was a cowboy, Holly was Shaun of the Dead. I was whatever people thought I was. People were all like Oh! Your that guy from whatchamacallit and I was all like Yeah. Thats what I am. I even scared a few kids by jumping out of a coffin that was set up at a friends house. It was great.

The kids all had a blast. They were very excited and happy. We were joined by some friends and their two girls, both about Gavins age. They ran to all the houses, some more than once, spouting trick or treat and collecting hans full of candy. Despite being so tired by the end of the evening, Leif stayed awake for everything and mumbled trick or treat to the very end.

Candy was dumped all over upon arrival back home. They made one pile for each of them, then started a fifth pile for the rejected, unwanted candy, which was mostly made up of tootsie rolls.

The rest if the evening consisted of sampling and/or devouring as much candy as possible while us adults chit chatted and did boring adult things like drink eggnog.

The kids eventually came calling asking to go to bed stating that their tummies hurt. I think that constitutes a successful Halloween.

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