Preparing for Beer

I’ve been longing to make my next batch of beer. I’ve been living with Mary for a week now and I just haven’t had the space to do it. Today I decided to make room in the Harry Potter closet for my fermenter and supplies. This resulted in buying a mini fridge somehow.

I found a mini fridge on craigslist for cheap that was a nice size. I made a few emails and ended up driving to Wahiawa to pick it up. I should have known that the person selling it was military and lived on Wheeler Air Force Base. I had to go get a day pass so I could drive on base to their house. That’s when I realized the car insurance card had expired 4 days prior. So I had to call the insurance company who had to call Mary who then had to call me back to talk to Private Cobb to tell him the car was insured. Sheesh. Military. Anyway, I managed to pick up the fridge and get it home, but not before checking out the awesome flying machines.

Before leaving to fetch the fridge, I had started work on the closet. I emptied the whole thing out into the living room, after which there was no room for actual living. We decided to put up a few shelves in there to help keep from having to stack so many things. Halfway through putting up the shelves, I left to fetch the fridge. Upon return I finished up the shelves and started sorting the trash from the donations from the items that had to go back in. Shortly after that, I had a car packed to the brim with donations and trash. Shortly after that, I had a more organized closet with a corner for beer supplies. Mission accomplished. Tomorrow morning, I make a quick run to the dump, then I will create beer. I am so excited.

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