Gavin’s Road Trip With Granny

The boys are out of school for the summer. Leif will be flying out here on Saturday to hang out with me for the summer. Gavin, though, gets to be a little more exciting. He has gone off with Mary for a 3 week trip to the mainland. They get to spend a weekend in Nevada for Mary’s father’s birthday after flying into Phoenix Az. It’s kind of a family reunion thing and many of Gavins cousins, aunts and uncles that hes’s not met will be there. Then he gets to ride the famous City of New Orleans and Southwest Chief trains all the way to Indiana. He’ll get to play in rivers, bunny sit, go camping and visit many of the places Holly did when she was Gavin’s age. They’ve been having a good time. Here are pictures that Gavin has been taking. I will be updating them as I get them.