My Time With Leif: Day 1

I got one of my boys! I flew to Maui bright and early to pick Leif up. Holly and I needed some time, so I spent the day in Kahului with her and Leif at the mall. Leif was really good. He loves being out and about. Especially when he knows he gets to go on a plane with dad. 🙂 But while he waited, he got to eat a fudge brownie sundae while mom and dad had a few beers and tapped around uncomfortable conversations and talked about other various things. Can’t go wrong there.

Later in the afternoon, we finally made it to the airport and took our small journey back to Oahu. Leif is a good passenger. He reads the manuals and listens to the attendants tell him how to use an oxygen mask. Good boy.

Back on Oahu, I had to attend an RSCDS function that included a board meeting, food, a video, and some dancing. It was a really long day and neither Leif nor myself really wanted to stay long. We ate some food (I coerced Lief to stay just a bit longer with a peanut butter cookie), sat through a meeting and watched a video of daddy dancing. Leif was very interested in that. That was it though. It was late and we had both had it. So we ditched out. Time to go home. Leif naturally fell asleep shortly after getting in the car. I had a short text conversation with Holly. Indeed, it was a long day. Well worth it though. Yes, the moon was beautiful that night. The below picture does it no justice. I felt it worthy of documenting though.

Upon entering the house, Leif looked around and exclaimed, “Wow. It look nice in here”. That made me feel good after all the cleaning I’ve been doing. Then Leif got a second (or third?) wind and wanted to play with all the toys. I apologized, but told him it was bed time. I offered him a bath instead. He was in agreement with that, so bathe he did. Quickly he realized how tired he was and hopped out of his bath, put on his Spongebob pajamas, laid down, played a little Lego Ninjago, turned the lights out, and went to sleep. Such a sweet boy. I’m glad to have him back for a bit.