My Time With Leif: Day 2

Sunday was an easy day. We only had three things on the agenda; talk to Gavin, go grocery shopping and introduce Leif to the baby sitter. And that is what we did. We spent 2 hours on FaceTime with Gavin and Mary. He told me all about the train and the bunnies and being sick. Then he talked a bunch about Dragonvale and how good it is to have internet again. He’s having a good time and that makes me happy. Afterwards, I made me a shopping list while Lief watched an episode of My Little Pony. With that out of the way, we headed out to Wal Mart where we stocked up on all kinds of goodies. It was kind of nice. I haven’t actually been shopping like that in months. And I certainly haven’t payed for a large load like that in month. It was good. Anyway, Leif was happy. He was able to get all kinds of snacks and treats. I was happy. I stocked up on things like coconut milk, garlic, shoyu, and M&M’s. The only thing that would have complete my list was some sort of booze. Maybe a good bottle of scotch or some good gin. Anyway, it was good. Leif picked out some new pajamas since his Spongebob ones we deemed too small. We both walked out happy people.

Leif napped on the way home, but quickly perked up when we arrived and I fed him a ham sandwich and a snack back of cookies (courtesy of our shopping adventure). We played and hung out for a few hours before the baby sitter came over. I was in a particularly good mood  so I made us some chocolate ice cream. I actually planned ahead a bit and bought some cream, sugar and eggs to make real ice cream, not the frozen yogurt I made previously. For dinner we had simple shoyu chicken and rice and beans.

The sitter (J) came over and Leif took to her pretty quickly. She was real good with him and he showed her all the things. They sat and played with Micro Machines (remember those?) for a bit. All the black or dark colored cars were bad guys (they were stealing cars from buildings) and the light colored cars with flames on them were good guys (they put the bad guys in jail). It was really cute. All went well though. I think they’ll get along great.

J hung around for a bit and played with Leif and had a good time. Then it was time for her to go, and time for Lief and I to spend more time together. He really is loving having me around and wants me to sit next to him, play with him, watch him, be with him, and just plain be attached to him whatever he’s doing. And every 20 minutes or so he gives me a big hug and tells me he’s happy and he loves me. I’m so glad to have him back for a bit (in case I didn’t mention that before).

When bedtime came near, we sat and watched a little Wall•E. He laughed his deep belly laugh and told me how funny it was. After about 20 or 30 minutes, we put Wall•E on hold to start bedtime routine; take a bath, read 3 books (“That’s how many books mom says we can read at bedtime”), turn the lights out, and go to sleep. Sweet child.