My Time with Leif: Day 3

J showed up right on time. Always a good sign. Leif decided he was going to sleep in and didn’t wake up until almost 8 am. He picked out some clothes (which I put in a set of drawers for him so he doesn’t have to live out of a backpack), changed, and went downstairs. He did his bathroom thing while I got him a bowl of his cinnamon cereal. While he ate, I got ready for work. He asked me what I was doing. “I have to go to work”, I told him. “Can’t I come with you?” said he. “Sorry sweetie. You can’t come with me to work” said I. “Can you stay and watch me?”, replied Leif. “Daddy has to work today. I can’t stay home” replied me. So Leif looked at me hard and said, “Oh. Ok. Well you go to work and I’ll stay here and play. Then later you come home and we play together”. And thus I put on my gear, gave a few last reminders and suggestions and tips to J and headed out the door. I miss him already. I’m sad I can’t spend every moment with him, but I’m so glad he’s here.

On my lunch break I went back home to make sure that Leif wasn’t tied to a chair while the sitter was emptying our house of all it’s goodies. That wasn’t the case. Leif was playing with his toys and being happy and J was happily playing with him. He gave me a big hug and told me he was happy. All was well. I spent my lunch there playing with him and eating a ham sandwich. Then I went back to work a little less worried then before.

So I forgot to tell J that she should use the deadbolts to lock the doors and not the knobs. So when they headed out to Temple Valley, she sort of locked themselves out of the house. Luckily, it was close to the end of the day and I was able to head home to break in unlock the doors. Leif told me of his adventures and showed me a coloring book and Toy Story book that J had bought him. That was very nice. He was in a good mood and said that he like J. We said our goodbyes to J and thought about food. After all that shopping, I forgot to thaw out any meat. Instead of waiting, we headed up to the Drive In to grab us some chicken and rice. After playing with his toy truck, eating some chicken and broccoli stir-fry, and picking flowers for mom, we headed back home to play in the yard until it got dark. Leif collected an impressive pile of sticks that he will, no doubt, toss down the hill at a later time.

Leif let me know when it got dark and that it was almost bed time. But before bed could come, we had some chocolate and watched a small bit of Ponyo to wind down. Such a pretty movie. Before long, it was time to take a bath, brush teeth, and put on his new jammies. Then, of course, we read his three selected books (which included his new Toy Story book) and hunkered down for the night. He was out in no time. Another successful day.




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