My Time With Leif: Day 4

Today was a simple day. The boy woke up at his normal time of around 6:30 am. He told me it was morning time so we got out of bed, picked out some clothes for ourselves, got dressed and headed down stairs. We both had our bowls of cinnamon cereal. We had a little time to kill so we played with a funny little iphone app called Talking Tom. We made strange noises into the phone to have them repeated back to us by a funny sounding cat. It’s amazing how much time you can kill doing silly things like that.

J showed up right on time again and told me that she wanted to take Leif to the Orchid farm here in Kaneohe. I agreed and so it was. I packed Leif a little lunch to take with hime and hustled off to work while Leif and J headed off to the Orchid farm.

I came home for lunch once again to make sure all was well. They weren’t back yet from their excursion, so I decided to transfer my Hefeweizen to the secondary. Halfway through, Leif and J returned home and Leif showed me his cool new toy that he got while they were out. He was very excited and had a good time. During all the excitement, I lost concentration and hosed the living room down with beer. Oops. All was well though. Most of it made it’s way to the secondary. I did my reading, cleaned up my mess, put the secondary back in the mini fridge and snuggled with Leif just a bit before having to return to work.

It was a busy day at work today and in the middle of it all, I took a break to head over to the observatory to check out Venus passing in front of the sun. I got to see a glimpse of it before the sky blanketed itself in clouds. So I turned my attention to a 3D radar view of Venus and headed back to the office.

Soon enough, I was back home again. It was dinner time and spaghetti and meatballs was on the menu. You think an almost 4 year old would love this, but dinner proved to be difficult. He had his first lets-test-dad routine at dinner and played with his food, ignored anything I said (or even did the opposite), and flat out refused to eat his dinner. He received a time out. It wasn’t long before he apologized and was released so he could finish his dinner. A few minutes later, he was in time out. He apologized again, told me he loved me and didn’t like being sad, and came out of time out to finish his dinner. A few minutes later he was crying because I took his plate away due to his lack of eating. He cried again. 🙁 Poor kid. We worked it out though. He got a glass of water and that was that. Dinner was done and he didn’t need desert.

So we played. First with is train set, then with the iPhone, then with crayons. We colored a little, but mostly made a long row of crayons that was apparently a boat. Then the boat crashed. Time to put away the boat says I.

Once again, it was time for the bedtime routine; bathtub, pajamas, brush teeth, 3 books, lights out, and goodnight. Once again, he didn’t make it to the end of the 3rd book.

It was a simple day, but that’s ok. It’s only Tuesday. We have a long weekend coming up, and it’s going to be awesome. I feel a trip to the zoo coming on.