My Time With Leif: Day 5

Day 5 was a good day. Leif woke up a happy boy at 6 am. That’s earlier than I usually get up, but it was fine, and it gave us more time to spend together before I had to go to work. Like trying on dad’s boots, watching Simon’s Cats and things like that. The morning was off to a good start.

J showed up right on time again. She told me that she was going to be taking Leif to Waiahole farms for the day’s main activity. So far she’s done something nice every day with him. That makes me happy. And of course Leif enjoys it as well. He likes be out and about. Plus, they would be harvesting peanuts that day. Nice.

After work, I arrived home and Leif ran out and Gave me a huge hug, barely giving me enough time to get off my motorcycle. So sweet. For dinner we had some leftover shoyu chicken and rice. Yum. Then to get out, we took a trip to the playground. Besides getting him out of the house, I was really feeling like I wanted to do something fun with him besides playing with marble tracks and reading books before bed. We had a blast. Leif pretended that the slide was a cliff and at the bottom was lava. Then he would slip down the slide slowly extending his had for me to save him saying (and I don’t know where he got this), “I promise, I promiiiiiisssee”, as he slid down. Sometimes I could save him. Sometimes he sacrificed himself and let go and sank down into the lava. Such a selfless child.

After the playground, I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Earlier I had sliced up a few lychees and put them in a container with the last of our Beefeaters gin (I must make it better somehow). This called for a trip to the store. I had to replace and upgrade our gin. Tanqueray it is. And because I can’t get myself a treat without offering Leif a treat, we picked up a Crunch bar for the kid. Totally balanced right? He couldn’t wait to eat it. We plopped down on the first bench we came to, tore open his candy bar and observed all the peoples as they walked by.

Our time on the bench was only put to a stop because Leif declared he had to use the potty. Between having a race down the sidewalk and me scooping him up and bouncing him as we ran, it didn’t take long to make our way back home. By this time, it was dark and bed time. Leif used the potty and we started bedtime routine. Leif chose Buzz Lightyear pajamas again. Probably to go with his new Toy Story book which we’ve read every night so far. As a matter of fact, he’s chosen the same three books every night; Clifford and the Big Leaf Pile, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Toy Story. He made it through all three books, at which time he rolled over and said, “Good night dad. I love you.” And just like that, he was asleep.