My Time With Leif: Day 6

Today went by really fast. We woke up this morning, ate breakfast, brushed our teeth and played with the marble track until J arrived. I rode off to work as Leif watched from the sidewalk.

Work flew by. I was in and out updating computers, solving network issues, managing printers, scoping out the new library, and all kinds of fun stuff. Soon enough the end of the day arrived and I hopped on my bike to go see Leif. When I arrived home, Leif was on the couch watching Bolt looking very wiped out. I was informed that they just arrived back from the pool. It was a beautiful day for it too. Anyway, he was happy to see me. And he was hungry. We bade goodbye to J and I set off to the kitchen to cook us some Fettuccini Alfredo and broccoli.

We ate up our dinner all fast like. Then we ate M&M’s and a Ghiradelli Mint chocolate bar for desert. Upon chocolating ourselves up, we decided to play a little Wii. One of the remotes is broken, so that didn’t last all that long. That’s ok though, cause it was bedtime. Leif raced me upstairs to the bathroom and undressed. He took a short bath, hopped into his Dora pajamas, read his 3 books, and said goodnight. Once again, he was out in less than 5 minutes. But not before saying, “I love you dad”. I love that boy.

Oh. And there was the Lychee Martini I started preparing the previous day. It was really yummy. Could have used a little simple syrup and St. Germains though. But then I guess it wouldn’t be a martini. Oh well.