My Time with Leif: Day 7

Finally Friday. I had been looking forward to this day because that means the weekend would be here and I can do all the things with Leif. I just had to get through this last day. It went pretty fast too. In the time before work, Leif played a bit on the phone after eating his cinnamon crunch. I let him do that every once in a while, although it means taking a chance that he might spend all my gems on Dragonvale. Oh well. Leif has also become the official bird feeder. We have a bird out back that comes every day to be fed nuts. He sits in the tree and calls for us. When Leif hears him, he grabs some nuts, places them in the tree, and then watches as the bird swoops down to collect them. And he does it all by himself. Leif. Not the bird.

After work, we spent some time thinking about what to do over the weekend. It was decided that we would go to the pool, the beach, the zoo, and Ala Moana shopping center. Once that was decided, we played. He had his little house out from during the day, so we started with that. I was a little Lego man, and he was a headless storm trooper. Headless because without his helmet, he wasn’t a bad guy. But then, he was a bus. And the bus’s sole purpose was to run over my Lego man. So much for not being a bad guy. Haha.

For dinner, Leif requested spaghetti and meatballs. Holly requested I test a drink recipe for her. It’s called a Clarige Cocktail with dry vermouth, gin, apricot brandy and triple sec. I tried it. I wonder if she was playing a practical joke on me. It was horrible. I think any drink with dry vermouth should be illegal. It’s poison. I repeat. Dry vermouth is POISON. I didn’t finish the drink. But the spaghetti and meatballs were fantastic. Leif needed a little motivation, but he ate them all. For desert we had peanut M&M’s and part of a Lindt mint chocolate bar.


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  1. “this picture” being the couch one. With the legs. We had better start stocking up on pizza bites.

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