My Time with Leif: Day 8

So today there were some family friends visiting from the east coast. They emailed me to let me know they were going to be around, and it turns out that this was the day that time to meet up and catch up a bit. It wasn’t in our original plans of going to the zoo, but it’s always nice when family friends show up for a visit.

With the updated schedule, we ended up at Ala Moana shopping center for the first half of the day after picking up the M’s when they got off their cruise ship. Unfortunately, there was a parade scheduled to head down Nimitz that morning and the traffic was ridiculous. But we made it eventually.

Our mall activities included a little last minute tourist shopping at the ABC store and a few other various shops, catching some Japanese music at the main stage, eating lunch, scoping out the awesome Koi pond, and taking a visit to the Lego store. This is where Leif roamed freely trying to get me to look at every box in the store. Being the sensible kid that he is, he picked up a small lego kit of a fireman and fireman’s atv, and stated that he was going to buy it and he was ready to go home . It was only $7 and Leif was being really patient, so I let him buy it.

We dropped the M’s back off at the airport shortly after lunch. I was considering heading over to the zoo, but Leif fell asleep in the car and thought it would be better to leave the zoo for when we could dedicate the day to it.

We arrived home at a decent hour and Lief was feeling well rested. We hopped on video chat with Gavin and Mary for a bit to find out how their adventures were going. They are having a great time visiting museums and parks and seeing all kinds of awesomeness. Leif was now very well rested and looking for something to do. The weather was nice and it was still early enough, so we went to the pool. I know it’s not the beach, but Leif really enjoyed it. Besides, we still have time to go to the beach another day. We were able to stay at the pool for about 1 1/2 hours. We played all over the stairs where he can stand for a while, then he realized he could get me to carry him to the deeper areas. I dragged him around “super fast” and made waves. Leif tried dunking his face under the water a few times. He was fairly successful. He went under all the way to just above his eyebrows. Not too bad.

After being kicked out of the pool at around 4:45, we went home to have ourselves some dinner. We were both a bit exhausted from the day. Since we missed our morning chat with Holly, we hopped on video chat with her for a bit to say hi. Leif was mostly interested in his toys, so he said his brief hellos and I love you’s, then Holly and I were able to do some chatting. After which, Leif and I played with toys. Then it was bed time. Worn out and drained, Leif went down easy. He didn’t make it through all three books. He fell fast asleep.