Getting my boy. Getting Sick.

It’s been a busy 10 days. On Friday, I flew out to Oahu to pick up Gavin from granny’s house. He was there on winter break since just after Christmas. The first thing I did after getting picked up at the airport, was to drive right to the local home-brewing supply shop. Otherwise, how would I be able to bottle the beer that I brewed 2 weeks prior? 🙂 We got there at 10:30 am, and they were closed. They didn’t open until noon. So we drove a short way to Bob’s Big Boy to grab a few hamburgers. Mmmm mmmmm. Delicious. After a burger and some cheesecake, it was back to the home-brewing shop. Arriving just at noon, we went into the shop and looked around. It was a small space filled with awesome supplies. I went in looking for a bottle capper and some caps, and walked out with said items plus enough supplies to make another 5 gallons of beer. An Irish Porter to be exact. Oh yeah. I can’t wait to brew that one up. 

With the brew shop out of the way we headed home to sit and relax until going out to the Kin Wah for dinner. Oh how I love their orange chicken. 

Saturday, I had a big schedule. Fix the motorcycle, go to dance practice, and meet friends at bar. Ok it doesn’t sound like much, but fixing the motorcycle took a long time. We had to replace the batter and spark plugs. The battery was a bit trickier to get than expected. But we finally found one. With that battery and spark plugs replaced, the bike ran like a top. Hahahahaha. Yeah right. Nothing. Wouldn’t start. There it sits waiting for another visit from me. Oh well.

Dance practice went very well. I blended back in with the group very well. They’ve been practicing without me for a few weeks now. So we were all relieved that the practice went well. Burn’s Night will go well. I look forward to the scotch.

After practice, I took the time to shower and eat some dinner (thank you Mary) and then walk on over to the bar. It was very busy so I didn’t get to sing any kareoke, but that was made up for when some guy got pissed off at something an hurled a beer bottle in our direction, splashing my face with hour old beer. My first bar incident. Awww. Other than that it was great. It was so good to see my friends again. They were all there too. Coincidently, everyone decided that it was a good night to go out. The only buddy I didn’t get to see was my good drummer friend, Gabe. He was in the process of moving and was all tired and, now, far away. Next time. 

The following day was airport day. Gavin and I packed everything up and headed back out to Maui. The very next day, I got sick. My stomach was all queesy, my head hurt, my throat was sore and my nose was all crazy. Still now, my nose is all runny and stuffy at the same time. Gar.

Tuesday was a good day. Holly went up to town to pick up 4 cakes from Costco for the library’s 25th anniversary. She made it back in record time by 2 o’clock. Amazing. So I went with her to get Gavin since I had to go to the bank. Upon returning, I found out that my neighbor had 24 empty bottles that I could use for bottling my beer. So that night, despite feeling a bit crappy, I cleaned and sanitized 24 bottles, filled them with beer, and capped them with brand new bottle caps. Only another 5 days before I can refrigerate them and drink them. Of course I have to share with my neighbors. But that’s ok. The faster I drink these, the sooner I can brew my Irish Porter. Oh yeah. Beer good. I’m glad I’m finally getting into beer brewing. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I can picture my brewery/restaurant in Lake George now. It will be a great success. All are welcome. 🙂