Happy New Year

New Years has come and gone with no particular excitement. Gavin is off island with Granny. Holly and I sat at home and spent our day knitting and watching a 24 hour Bones marathon. It rained most of the day which put a damper on fireworks. It stopped for a brief bit at midnight just in time for the Hana town fireworks display which I heard from my couch as the ball fell on tv. I talked to my east coast friends and family at 7pm. That of course is midnight for them. I caught my best friend as the ball was dropping ringing in the new year and marking the beginning of his 30th birthday. Happy Birthday. Overall it was a good day. I miss Gavin. The house is somehow quiet without him. Even with the cats tearing back and forth and howling and growling at one another, it is somehow quiet without him. We get him back soon though. We’ve run out of chocolate for the most part, which is good. Time to get back on track. Our scale is wonky and won’t make up it’s mind if I weight 155 or 165. Stupid thing. Doesn’t matter really. It’s all muscle anyway right? 🙂 lol. My beer is all brewed up and has been fermenting for a week now. It’s pretty much ready to bottle. I just need bottles. Hmmm. I think I’ll get a bottle capper when I go to town this weekend. Then I can use all the glass beer bottles I have ready for recycling. I’d much rather have propper brown beer bottles than stupid plastic soda bottles. It doesn’t seem right. If all goes well, I’ll have a few cases of decent tasting home brewed beer to drink fairly soon. Yay.