Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas day. Mary is here for the holiday as Holly couldn’t get off work for us to go to Oahu. The air is pleasant though. Our tree has a multitude  of gifts under it. And more to come. Tonight we will feast on a beautiful roast beast with yorkshire pudding. And tomorrow we feast on meat pie. Mmmm. This will be Leif’s first Christmas and he is 3 months older than Gavin was at his first Christmas. It will be fun to watch him as he gets his new toys that he will actually play with. And Gavin of course, will have a blast opening his presents. And we will love watching them both. 

I’ve put in half a day’s work already. It is now time to lounge and drink booze and wrap more gifts. Holly will join us in just under 2 hours after she finishes putting in her full day’s work. I don’t quite know how tonight will go, but it promises to be a cuddly, peaceful, yummy evening. And then when we are all in our beds, Santa will come.