Here kitty kitty

Po is here. She arrived at our house finally the day before Thanksgiving along with Holly’s mom. The day after Thanksgiving, we thought it would be a good idea to let the cats out. After a few hours Moura and Sookie were back inside. But there was no sight of Po. It wasn’t until later when Holly and I had to go to the post office that we figured out where she was. On returning from the post office, we heard distress meows coming from the jungle (I like calling it a jungle). Holly ran to see where she was and I followed. Then I realized, I can’t leave the baby in the car unattended, so I went back. But Holly and I switched positions. I wandered back into the jungle to see where the voice was coming from. After looking all around, I finally decided to look up. And there she was. Wedged between two branches of a palm tree. And she is a bit chubby so she was pretty well wedged. It took me three attempts to get her down. The first, I climbed the tree right next to her hoping I could just reach over and grab her. Climbing a palm tree is not as easy as it sounds. It’s hard. So that didn’t work. The second attempt, I climbed the the tree she was actually in. I was able to get up to her, but unable to lift her high enough to unwedge her. Mary found a ladder nearby that I could use. It wasn’t nearly tall enough, but it was that much more I didn’t have to actually climb. Just before my third attempt, Po decided to help out and got herself unstuck enough to turn around and drop down a branch right between another two branches. But she wasn’t as stuck. So on the third attempt, I climbed up to her, lifted her out from between the branches and lowered her on to my chest where she happily stayed as I slid down the tree. I re-entered the house with a cat and many red scrapes and bruises from where the tree met my skin in an unfriendly manner. I hit the shower for the second time that day, then plopped on the couch with a beer. The hero relaxes. 🙂