Good Mood.

Exercising is good. Wrestling is better. I’ve been in a good mood. Check out this picture that the head of the Caledonian Society sent me.

Now that sums up the Scots. Scotch, bagpipes, and haggis. Oh yeah. We didn’t get to play music this week, but I have been playing a lot. On Monday, I am going to go with Holly to school and go to Volcano Joe’s just next to the school. On Monday’s they have open mic night. I think it from 6-10pm. I’m going to bring my guitar so I can head to the park or beach and play. If I’m bold enough I might sign up for the open mic night at Volcano Joe’s. We’ll see.

On Wednesday, I suddenly decided that I would hop in the car with Holly (who was heading out to go to class) and go to town. I dropped her off at school and headed over to Dan’s Guitars to buy strings. Then I headed down to Waikiki and walked along the beach and watched the sunset. It was really nice. It is so fun to just watch people. After the sun went down, I went back to UH to pick up Holly. We agreed that I would meet her at Volcano Joe’s at 8pm when her class got out. I showed up at 7:30pm to find Holly and her classmate had already got out of class and had time to order some drinks. So I just ordered me a pizza and sat with them. It was a nice night out. Cool weather, clear dark sky, perfect. It was a grand night.