Volcano Joes

Yesterday was a fine day. A fine day indeed. One of it’s fine moments occurred at Volcano Joes; a nice college coffee house. This month they are having Open Mic night on Mondays. So last night I went with Holly to class so I could go to VJ’s and listen (and maybe play) to the live music. Here was the plan: 4:45: Drop Holly off at class 5:00: Sit at a nearby park and play guitar until 6:30 to practice a little to decide if I wanted to play at VJ’s. 6:45: Order some food at VJ’s while listening to any others that were going to subject themselves to playing that night. 7:15 – 8:00: Sit around waiting for Holly to get out of class and not playing guitar due to being a wuss. Here is what actually happend: 4:55: Drop Holly off at class 5:05: Sit at a nearby park and play guitar until 6:15 to practice a little to decide if I wanted to play at VJ’s. 6:30: Ordered some food and drink 6:35: While grabbing a seat and waiting for my food, got tapped on the shoulder by someone who ditched out of class. Holly. 6:50: Received my food and ate with Holly while the open mic fun began. Then we proceeded to listen to the open mic host play music and tell us how he really hoped someone would sign up so he didn’t have to play all night long. 7:00 – 7:40: Sat around even more being a wuss and not signing up. 7:40: Holly decided she would help me out and went out to the car to get my guitar and songbook. 7:50: I found myself sitting in front of a microphone with a guitar on my lap and the host announcing my name and requesting a warm welcome. Yay. (that is a sarcastic yay) 7:50 – 8:00: I played to very nervous songs for an audience of probably 15 or 20 people who probably could have cared less that it was open mic night. 8:00: I let one of the VJ’s employees borrow my guitar so he and the host could play and show the uninterested audience just how much better my guitar sounded in the hands of someone else. 8:15: Packed up my gear along with Holly and proceeded to the car where we would drive home and enjoy the third very fine moment of the day. Ok, so I probably wasn’t that bad, but I was nervous and not very confident. But I plan on going back every monday through the month and seeing if I can’t build my confidence and beat the nervousness. What can I possibly lose?