Homemade Bagels

Being in the mood to bake and not having any eggs in the house, I decided to bake a loaf of bread. I flipped through my “Baking with Julia” book to find a nice bread recipe and found a bagel recipe instead. Set on making bagels, I prepared the dough. It was too late in the day to finish them, so I placed the dough in the fridge at the appropriate time. That was yesterday.

This afternoon I pulled out the dough, divided it up into equal parts, formed little balls, poked holes in them, made rings out of them, boiled them in some water, coated them in a bit of egg whites, dumped sesame seeds on half of them, threw them in the oven, and cooled them on racks.

It was my first time attempting making bagels and it was a lot of fun. Almost as fun as my first attempt at pita bread. If you haven’t tried doing either of them, I highly recommend it. It’s a good experience and totally delicious.

Homemade Bagels

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