Perfect Hawaiian Day

There are some days in ones life where you just have this amazing feeling that everything is perfect. Yesterday was one of those days.

After a couple of weeks of being without Gavin, we picked him up from the airport and got a sudden feeling that we were once again complete. We took a short family day of eating manapuas, shumai and musubis, shopping for toys and going to the movies before heading home.

The drive home was beautiful as ever and we just got this feeling of happiness and completeness. And just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, we were greeted with this beautiful rainbow that started out in the ocean and burst out up into the clouds high up in the sky. The rainbow grew into a double rainbow that spread across the sky up over the land and over our house out into the mountains. And it was so bright and vibrant. It was one of the most perfect rainbows I have ever seen. These pictures don’t do it any justice.

Perfect Hawaiian Rainbow

Perfect Hawaiian Rainbow

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