Hot Chocolate Porter

I finally received some of the BYO magazines that were mailed to Maui. One of the issues was full of dark beer deliciousness. Of of the recipes was for a hot chocolate porter. It sounded really good and combined two things I love, beer and chocolate.

Yesterday was my brew day. I set up my tent, table, chair, burner and pot and laid out my grains, hops, chocolate and chili. Then I poured myself a beer and started the process. Five hours later, my beer was in to ferment, equipment cleaned, tent broken down, journal filed out, and spent grains out to fertilize. It was a successful and very satisfying brew day. The grains smelled absolutely wonderful steeping away in the pot. And the chocolate addition made it look like I was making a giant batch of fudge. I can’t wait to drink this.

In the mean time, I’ve checked in on my fermenter and found the closet had the most wonderful smell and the airlock was bubbling away happily. I think I need to clear out the Harry Potter closet so when I have beer in to ferment, I can set up the man chair in there, close the door, read, and take in the wonderful smells that is my beer.

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