Real a gastropub

Some people knit, some paint, some eat, some read, some are sports fans, and others just watch tv. Me? I do beer. And not just in the I’m-gonna-drink-and-forget-life kind of way. I really like beer. Hence the beer making.

Today I went to a new pub called the Real a gastropub. They offers rotating draught beers from 24 taps along with 200+ bottled beers. Tonight I tried a oatmeal mocha stout, a doppelbock, and a bourbon barrel aged scotch ale. They were all delicious. The mocha stout was exactly like the coffee Porter I made last year. The doppelbock was strong and complex, and the Scottish ale was sweet and like nothing I’ve ever tried before. It might just be one of my new favorite beers.

As far as the pub went. Not bad. It was a little on the small size, but had a live blues band and was packed full on a Thursday night. The food was quite good and reasonably priced, although the portions were on the small side. Most food they had contained bacon which is always a plus. This included a bacon cheesecake desert. I didn’t have that though. I had a beef slider with onions, bacon, and blue cheese along with a guinness float for desert. Mmmmm.

Consensus? I am going to have to go back to sample every beer on the menu along with all foods on the menu that don’t contain fish. This might take a while though, as their drink menu changes week to week as the legs empty. 😀





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