I’m still here

It is very hot out today. Gavin slept in til about 7:15am this morning. He just went down for his nap (12:30 pm). It is so hard to keep that boy fed. He loves to ask for the jello with the peaches in it, but he only wants to play with it. He asked for lots of water today, so I kept a little cup of water lying around so he could get it. Probably not the best idea. He ended up turning his green playdough intou a green pile of mush. That was gross. Holly should be getting her root canal right about now. She went right from class to get her root canal. Hopefully, she will be able to drive home after. Otherwise, I will have to drove over with her mom and pick her up at 3:30. We’ll see how that goes. Wednesday night I work at Koolau theatre (accross the street), which means I get to preview “Team America”. Looks like it should be funny. The new guy we hired at Aikahi is working out well. He is a good worker and a pretty fast learner. Which is good because one of our other employees won’t be in for the rest of the week due to his mother dying. Myles usually works like 3 days a week, plus janitors two mornings. So we have to fill his positions quickly. Last night I went to Gabe’s house to play music and his mom decided that she was going to try to play bass for us. Ouch. Where is Nate? He worked last night and could not come. But he has been coming with us and learning the bass. He seems to be excited about it. He has fun anyway and that is cool. Anyway, when I think of more to write, I’ll let you know.