Hi again and welcome to my blog. It is Tuesday, October 26th. Kammy’s birthday was on the 21st. I mailed her a present. I feel bad because I have not actually called them yet to see how her birthday went. I need to call my family again. Holly has officially lost 20 lbs so far. She looks great. She has bought some new clothes since many of her old clothes are getting, if not already, too big. She is happy. She is also doing well in her classes and is enjoying them. I’m excited for her. Things are going well in a forward direction and we are happy. Holiday season is practically here. That means lots of work at the theatre and for karate depot. As of right now, I will be working Halloween, Christmas eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years day. Quite a bummer. I am asking the other manager if I have off one or two of those days. I don’t think it is fair. Besides, Gabe and I want to have a party on New Years eve. Yay. We’ll see. But I get to be home for Thanksgiving. Although I work on Holly’s Birthday. Hmmmm. Anyway, just a few things there. I must get more work done. See you all next time.