Improved date nights.

Well, on Monday I went down to get my motorcycle lisence and failed. Well, I didn’t fail the test. I didn’t even get to take the test. I didn’t have a valid registration. I called Honda, because I don’t remember even getting one. In any case, I went to DMV to see about getting a copy. I wasn’t hopeful because Honda said they would help me get one, but it might take a bit because the bike was financed. With that in mind, I stood in line at DMV for 30 min to find out if I could get a copy through them. With the glance of my ID and the show of my lisence plate number, the lady strolled away and returned with a print out of my registration. “Have a nice day”, she muttered. “That’s it?” I say. “Yup, Have a nice day.” she answered. And with that I left.

The following day, I took my paperwork, pleased at how easy it was for once, and headed to the test site. After watching the other two eager cyclists pass their test, I geared up and placed my motorcycle on the starting position line. The examiner instructed me to do this and that and go and stop and all that good stuff. 5 minutes later he handed me a piece of paper and told be to bring it to the office with my permit and lisence and they will issue me a new lisence for a class 2 and 3 vehicle. So I did. And now I have my lisence.

So that night, after Gavin went down to sleep, Holly and I heared up and drove around the block before heading to Longs Drugs, just to look around, before riding over to Starbucks (we probably could have walked) to try one of their seasonal drinks. We sat and talked and had a nice time out. Then we drove back to the theatre where we played a couple games of pool. We probably would have stayed longer to play pool, but a few theatre thugs were hanging out and listening to some stupid rap music and playing cards (what else is there to do after the theatre closes, right?). Besides, Holly told her mom that she could call the cops in fear of our crashing and dying after 10PM.

Date nights are going to be so much fun.